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System requirements:
 -   Win 95/98/ME
 -   Win NT/2000/XP
 -   486 processor
 -   4MB RAM
 -   8MB hard drive space

Current Version:
     version 7
     released 02/14/05


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   J-Perk wins ZDNET finalist in shareware awards

       J-Perk is Softseek's Editor's Pick

    J-Perk is ZDNET's Editor's Pick

5 stars 5 out of 5 stars from the ZDNet Shareware library! 5 stars
Listed as one of this year's top ten Web page development tools on ZDNet!

Add animations, dynamic buttons, cool Javascripts, menus and DHTML special effects to your Web pages!

Stop wondering how the professionals make their Web pages come to life with cool, animated effects, dynamic buttons, dropdown menus, slideshows and popup windows. J-Perk makes it easy to create dynamic Web pages full of special effects. You don't need to know how to program any Java or JavaScript at all!

J-Perk has more than 55 special effects for you to add to your Web pages! Download the free trial and add some cool Javascript effects and DHTML scripts to your Web pages!

What our customers are saying
"What a fantastic tool! Thanks for the cool DHTML effects for our Web site!"
- J. Benson

"I really love my new web site with the animations and dropdown menu that I made with J-Perk. Keep up the good work!"
- Mary G.

"Web Weaver and J-Perk are my software of choice for building web pages."
- Thom S.
J-Perk 7 includes these Web page effects:
Image Effects
Thought Bubbles
Scrolling Filmstrips
Rotating Banner Ads
Rippled Image effect
Lake Reflection Effects
Dynamic buttons
Animated Buttons
Image Rollovers
Image Fading effects
8 new Image effects
Image Brighten
Falling/Floating Images
Random Images
Mouse Cursor Trail
New Slideshow!

Text Effects
Scrolling News Ticker
Typewriter Text effect
Swirly Text
Fading Message effect
Navigator Ticker
Smooth Scrolling Ticker
Status Bar Text Ticker
Text Effects: Grow Text
Text Effects: Stretch Text
24 Text Transitions
Random Quotes
Flying Text
Shaking Text
Flashing Text

Other Effects
Background Color Fade effect
Dropdown/Pulldown Menu
Sound effect
Scrolling Credits
Popup Alert boxes
Web page Password protection
24 Web Page Transitions
Popup Windows
New Digital Clock
Personalized Web pages
3D Text buttons
Browser Earthquake
All-in-One Buttons
Day Calendar
Color Scrollbars
Popup Instant Message
Search Box
Web page Language Translator
Anti-Spam email link

free java scriptscreates special effects for Web pages quickly and easily. Choose from over 55 different special effects, java scripts and DHTML effects. Customize them to your liking. J-Perk lets you preview each special effect and inserts the effects into your Web page with the click of a button. Your Web page will dazzle everyone (even the pros)!

dhtmlcosts only $34.95 (Now on sale for $24.95 !!). You'll receive the complete registered version of J-Perk which includes more exciting special effects and java scripts!  Order online, by phone, fax or mail.

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Includes free Java scripts.